“The Beast of All Systems”

Here it is The Beast of All Systems

by David Wood and Dave Sharpe

– The MLM Traffic Monster of the World Wide Web.  These two unselfish online Gurus have revolutionized the online marketing systems and strategies.  David & Dave have designed this simple system for every single human being possible.

If you have been struggling with your online business while trying to make that little commission to prove that your MLM works, this system was designed for you.  It is espeically for those who are just sick and tired of their jobs and to finally reach their financial goals and live their dreams.

In just 56 days, since the company launched (10/31/11) they have paid out 2 million dollars in affiliate commissions (see income disclosure).  This is not a MLM company – this is a 2-tier affiliate company.

By the Numbers:

Total Affiliate Received Amount: $1,999,473.20 (and growing!!)

Total Active Customers of the Blogging Platform: 13048

Total Active Inner Circle Subscribers: 5173

Total Active Costa Rica Mastermind Participants: 1794

Are these gurus crazy? Nope, they have created The Beast of All Systems!

They are paying their affiliates 100% commissions plus monthly residual income! Do you know of any other company that pays 100%?  For most MLM companies who uses the binary system compensation plan, you will need about 10 people in both legs of your downline. 

If you’re not an online guru like me, it is difficult to recruit and sustain 20 people in your entire organization.  It is “tough” to recruit without a system.  Empower Network pays you 100% commissions for your hard work on each recruit.

Look at the graph below (rankings = traffic = leads = $$$$).  For those who don’t know what this is, click here.

My grandma and grandpa can do it…

This easy to use online marketing system is designed for anyone who wants to generate monster traffic and create massive income… as easy for my grandparents to do.  Eliminate time wasting practices and save money on all those frustrating and confusing online training, videos, programs, audios, and ebooks, etc. 

Trying to learn all the online HTML, MIL, L&L stuff that will drive you nuts & empty your bank account before you earn your first dollar!  Your hard earned money should be going directly into your bank account and not into someone else’s.


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Jaime Rivera
Twitter: MLMTraficMonster
Email:  MLMTrafficMonster@gmail.com

Website:  www.MLMTrafficMonster.com

You’ve heard it before “The Money is in the List!”



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